Weekly Food Plan

February 1 2009, 8:09pm

Last Week Recap

Last week I went a bit mad on the freezer and stocking up on food. I was swamped in work so didn't really have time to eat anything but the Pizza's so didn't strictly stick to the regime.

This Week

This week I've been quite busy food wise. I found a great new shop called fallon and byrne link .

This week I purchased some new knifes: Sebatier €73.00, Drainage Rack €14.30, joseph joseph index chopping board €63.00 and wooden chopping board €21.50.

Luxury items this week totals: €171.30. I do hope that they become a valuable investment though.

This weeks food plan is as follows:

Monday: Moussaka Tuesday: Pasta Wednesday: Pizza Thursday: Lasagna Friday: Stew & Dumplings.

This week my plan is to try and use the food in my freezer to try and save money as the luxury items are quite excessive.

The total food bill for this week was €35.00. For this I bought pork medalions in apple sauce (Marks and Spencers Cook Range) for saturday. Sunday lunch included a chicken joint some potatoes and carrots (Marks and Spencers and Fallon & Byrne).