Weekly Food Plan

February 15 2009, 9:33pm

Thought I'd update this again this week. Keeping control of a budget over Valentines weekend is really hard.

So the bills for this weekend.

€14.99 Tesco - Carrots, Potatoes, Milk, OvenCleaner & Innocent Smoothie

€47.99 Marks & Spencers - 1 x Lamb Mince, 2 x Beef Mince, Lemon Sole Goujouns, Muffin Cases, Mushroom & Ham Pizza, Fish and Chips, Tomatoes, Organic Eggs.

Managed to make 9 portions out of the mince I bought that I was really suprised with. I've frozen them so this should really help during the next couple of weeks.

This weeks budget seems to have gone a long way. I think this is because I've stayed clear of ready meals and tried to create my own food, hence I can get a load of mince and get a lot more food for the same price.